The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is an emergency kit worn around the waist where its contents are immediately and easily available, leaving your hands free to help others, carry children, pets and other important personal items to safety.

Is the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ a type of repelling equipment?
No.  The belt is designed to hold emergency, first aid and survival items.  It is not a climbing or repelling aid.  It is not designed to support your body weight.

What items are on the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™?
Your URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ contents will depend on the type of Belt you choose and any additional items you purchase. For specifics, see contents page and photos.

Why should I have one?
Think about other ways in which you prepare yourself for unexpected events:  You likely have a durable power of attorney in case you become disabled; you have homeowners insurance in case of catastrophic damage to your home, term life insurance in case of a sudden, unexpected death, you even keep fire extinguishers in your home.  Chances are you will never need them, but they are important to have in case the unexpected happens to you.  The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is another kind of insurance against unexpected events.  We hope you never need it, but you will be glad you have it if you do.

Who is the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ designed for?
While it may be of use to most people, we designed it for people who live or work in dense urban environments, such as:

  • High rise buildings
  • Cities in earthquake prone areas
  • Government buildings
  • Less-developed countries with higher levels of strife

I live in a high-rise building with kids, how many URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ should I have?
Each child 8 and older should have his/her own IEvac® fire escape hood which could be carried  on an URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ TOWER LITEor carried on an adult’s URBAN ESCAPE BELT™. Children under 8 and elderly for whom breathing may be difficult should have powered air purification respirators (PPRs) like the SCape®.

Where should I keep my URBAN ESCAPE BELT™?
We recommend that you store your URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ somewhere out of the way yet easily accessible, such as a closet near a main door or hung on the back of your office door.  If you have URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ for your family, we recommend that they be stored in a central place, but easily distinguishable from one another.

Should I keep one in my office?
If you live or work in a building higher than 7 floors (the range of most fire department ladders), we recommend an URBAN ESCAPE BELT™– TOWER ESCAPE which comes standard with 1 IEvac® fire escape hood.  With a shelf-life of 5 years, and up to a 60 minutes protection from carbon monoxide, smoke and many other toxic gases and chemicals, the IEvac® should be in every office, condo and apartment higher than 7 stories.

I don’t live or work in a high-rise building, but I am worried about earthquakes.  Should I get an URBAN ESCAPE BELT™?
We designed the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ — ND (NATURAL DISASTER) for people in earthquake prone regions.  This version has the same Red Emergency Pack but includes a Tan Survival Pack because emergency response teams could take longer to arrive after an earthquake or other disaster.

I travel a great deal and often stay in very tall high-rise hotels.  What is best for me?
For frequent travelers, especially travel to foreign countries, we recommend the TRAVELITE.  The TRAVELITE fits easily in carry-ons bags and has a flashlight and basic first aid and survival items.

Are there different versions for different risks?
The URBAN ESCAPE BELTcomes in 5 versions, depending on risk concern:

  1. The TOWER ESCAPE BELT for people who live or work in high-rise buildings
  2. The NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL BELT for earthquake prone cities
  3. The CIV-TAC BELT combines both (TOWER and ND) with additional upgrades
  4. The TOWER LITE BELT for kids and elderly
  5. The TRAVELITE BELTfor frequent international travelers

What is “duty-grade”?
Our base layer for the URBAN ESCAPE BELT is the same material law enforcement and many military personnel use on their duty belts.  This “scuba” webbing is thick, stiff and will not curl.  It will carry up to a 20 lb load comfortably.

What is the First-Aid Kit?
Our unique first aid kit was designed by a physician with 20-years in emergency medicine and emergency response.  It includes only the items you would really need in an emergency, and separated into easy-to-find packets based on need: Wound Care, Burn Care, Eye Care.  QuikClot® bleeding control dressing to help stop bleeding for deep wounds is standard on the CIV-TAC BELT and is optional for all other types.

What is in the Red Emergency Pack?
Red Emergency Pack (9”x 5” 1000d nylon pouch, 2-pocket) includes:

  • Safety goggles (fits over most prescription glasses)
  • N95 particulate mask
  • First Aid Kit (1-2 persons) with Burn Care packet
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof smart phone pouch
  • Emergency blanket

What is in the Tan Survival Pack?
Tan Survival Pack (1000d nylon pouch) includes:

  • PALS webbing for easy add-ons
  • (2) Purified water – 8 oz. (2-year shelf life)
  • Water purification tablets (2 day supply)
  • (2) high energy bars (5-year shelf-life)
  • (2) Body warmers
  • Rain Poncho
  • Extra emergency blanket

What is the IEvac® fire escape hood?
The IEvac® is a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology designated by the Department of Homeland Security.  It is a one-time use, whole-head protection against carbon monoxide, smoke, chlorine, tear gas and other toxic gases and agents such as sarin, anthrax and radioactive particles.  It protects against many of the same dangers as conventional gas masks, but because it covers the entire head, you do not have to worry about improper fit as with many gas masks.  See www.elmridgeprotection.com for more information.

I heard I should have a 3-day survival kit.
Everyone should do a risk assessment based on their location and primary concerns.  In major cities, emergency response teams will reach most victims of building fires, natural disasters and attacks quickly, within hours or less.  In less dense rural areas, emergency response could take longer.  The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is better than a heavier, bulkier 3-day survival pack in escaping a burning building or fleeing a terror attack as only it has protection against CO, smoke and other toxic gases.  The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ keeps your necessities close by, but leaves your hands free to carry a backpack and/or to assist others to safety or carry other important belongings.

How is the URBAN ESCAPE BELT different from other first aid kits?
The URBAN ESCAPE BELT was designed specifically for urban environments where the primary concern in an emergency is often to get out, get away, and get to safety as quickly as possible.  In these situations, rushing, crowding and panic may be a problem.  You won’t have time to stop to pull out an emergency bag and rummage through it for the item you need right now.  We also recognize that in these situations people will often want to grab personal items, such as a backpack or purse, that they want to keep with them, or will have to help children, elderly or others to safety.  Emergency items on your waist, at the ready, but hands-free means you can do all this but still keep your emergency items at within quick, easy reach.

Can I customize my URBAN ESCAPE BELT?
Your URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is easily customizable and we encourage you to make it your own.  The duty grade belt platform can comfortably support up to 20lbs.  You can add additional IEvac®s, holsters, other equipment and anything else that has a 2” belt loop.  With the attached D rings, carabiners and military-style tan survival pouch, you can quickly add and remove other items as well.

How do I determine my size?
Duty Grade URBAN ESCAPE BELT (TOWER ESCAPE™, NATURAL DISASTER™ and CIV-TAC BELTS) are custom made according to your actual waist size.  You provide your waist size and we provide room to tighten your Belt 2-3 inches so that it fits as snug as you may like.  We also provide let-out room of 5-6 inches so that it fits even over a heavy coat. This unique design ensures that it will fit at a moment’s notice no matter what you are wearing, even after it has been months or years since you last tried it on.

TOWER LITE™ and TRAVELITE™ belts are sized according to your waist size range.  This is because these belts do not have the layer of sturdy scuba webbing, or more flexible and can adjust sizes easily and quickly.

  • 20-26” = XS
  • 27-33” = S
  • 34-40” = M
  • 41-47” = L
  • 48-54” = XL
  • 55 -61” = XXL

Choose the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ Emergency Kit that’s right for you and your family members!