LIMITED WARRANTY.  Black Swan Safety Innovations, LLC, warranties ONLY the following items: the nylon/polypropylene belt, the Tan Survival pack (but not its contents), the Red Emergency pack (but not its contents) and the following items: multi-tool, folding knife, flashlight and headlamp.  This warranty lasts for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.  We will repair or exchange for a new item any covered item if, within 2 years of the date of purchase, we receive the item from you in otherwise good condition.  You must pay the shipping cost of the return.   If your warranty is approved, we will either repair your item or send you, at our cost, a replacement of equal or greater value.  This warranty does not cover damage from abuse or neglect or intentional damage.

Limited Return Policy!  Due to the special packaging and pricing of the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ emergency kit and the unique medical and safety nature of the items in the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™, Black Swan Safety Innovations, LLC, cannot accept returns of any kit or any individual item from a kit.  Black Swan Safety Innovations, LLC, will accept returns and refund the purchase price (but not shipping charges) ONLY of the following individually purchased add-on items: multi-tool, folding knife, flashlight and headlamp if the item is received by us within 30 days of purchase and remains in new condition.

Limited Exchange Policy!  See Limited Warranty. Due to the special packaging and pricing of the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ , Black Swan Safety Innovations, LLC, will exchange your belt (the actual belt, not a full kit) ONLY under the following circumstances: 1) If the belt is not the size or color that you ordered and you contact us for a return authorization within 30 days of purchase and we receive the purchased belt in new condition within 45 days of purchase.  We will exchange the belt for the correct size and/or color; and 2) If the belt you received from us is both the color and size that you ordered, but you would like a different size or color, we will exchange for you but must charge you a $10 re-stocking fee.

We have quality tested the products we sell and have selected the best suppliers from the US and elsewhere.

  • We make the belts ourselves in the USA from material from US suppliers, which may be imported.
  • Our first aid products, including QuikClot® bleeding control dressing, are from US suppliers whose individual products may be from other countries.
  • Uco® stormproof matches, Aquamira® water purification tablets, Millennium® Energy bars and our purified water (bottled by Drink More Custom Water®) are made by US suppliers.
  • Our nylon Red Emergency pack and Tan Survival pack are made in China.
  • Our hardware items (multi-tool, folding knife, flashlight, headlamp, whistle, phone pouch) are also made in China.
  • Our goggles are made in Taiwan or China, depending on the supplier.
  • The IEvac® fire escape hood is supplied by Elmridge Protection, Inc. in Florida.

Choose the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ Emergency Kit that’s right for you and your family members!