Why do you need a UE Belt?

Imagine. You live or work on the 30th floor of a high rise.  A fire alarm sounds.  You think you should take the stairwell to get out.  But, there could be smoke in the stairwell.  What would you need to help you get out?

Imagine. An earthquake or other natural disaster strikes your area.  You don’t know how much destruction there is.  You don’t know if there is electricity, or food, or water.  You don’t know how quickly emergency response crews can reach you.  What would you need to survive?

Imagine. Like every frequent international traveler, you fear waking up in a strange hotel from an alarm or loud commotion outside.  What would you want to have with you?

Imagine. You work in a government building, somewhere around the world.  Civil unrest in your area has been increasing.  You worry about an attack.  What would you need to survive?

The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is what you need.

  • The first truly practical emergency kit
  • Your emergency items are immediately available
  • Your hands are free to carry other important items or to help others to safety
  • Modeled on military and law enforcement duty belts

If you don’t have an emergency kit, you would have to stop and consider and then gather what you may need to either shelter in place or escape and survive the danger (e.g. fire, smoke, gas, etc.).  That takes time and you may not have what you need.

Other emergency kits come in backpacks or bags.  Would you want to stop in a stairwell or in a crowded rush to rummage through a bag or backpack to find the item you need at that moment?  Besides, you will most likely want to carry a purse, your own backpack with important personal items, or help someone else to safety, a child or a pet.  Worse, most other emergency kits do not include protection from smoke, CO, toxic gases, sarin, Ebola and more.

solves these problems.

   Survival Items
   Smoke, gas, chemical protection

TOWER ESCAPE BELT™ - complete with first aid pack and smoke hood

Choose the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ Emergency Kit that’s right for you and your family members!