Our design is unique.

The URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ is modeled after military and law enforcement duty belts.  Those belts are highly durable and required to comfortably carry a heavy load.  Like military and law enforcement duty belts, our Standard Belts use a layer of 2” heavy nylon “scuba” webbing that can comfortably carry 20 lbs.  However, this material does not fold easily for quick adjustment.

We know that in an emergency you will have little time to adjust these belts to fit your current size and weight and kind of clothing you may be wearing (i.e., heavy coat or light shirt). So we designed our Standard Belts to permit heavy load bearing AND quick size adjustment by incorporating both hook and loop closure and traditional side release belt buckles. See Sizing (below)

Our Red Emergency packs, Tan Survival Packs and the IEvac® fire escape hood pouches are designed to easily and securely snap onto your belt and easily slide on your belt so that they remain out of the way until you need them close to your hands.

The optional reflective tape will give you added visibility in an emergency and is an extra layer of safety.

We provide an array of colors for you to choose from to help you identify your Urban Escape Belt™ from those of other family members or co-workers and because being prepared doesn’t have to mean bland.  Why not have a splash of color?


Standard Belts (Civ-Tac, Tower Escape and Natural Disaster) require exact waist size.  Your Standard Belt is designed to be worn around the waist, just above the hips.  It is carefully measured to cinch down tightly about 2” to allow you to wear it tightly around your waist.  We also provide about 4-5” additional length in case you are wearing heavy clothes in an emergency.

Lite Belts (Tower Lite, Natural Disaster Lite, Travel Lite) use general sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).  Lite Belts use the 1.75” heavyweight polypropylene webbing.  This webbing is more flexible than the scuba webbing, permits quick adjustment in an emergency, and is intended to carry lighter loads .

Choose the URBAN ESCAPE BELT™ Emergency Kit that’s right for you and your family members!